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Add a Foreign Language Journal!

Make a new friend!

Foreign LJs!
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All Members , Moderated
This is sort of an experiment.

Are you bilingual? Are you learning a new language? Do you like making new friends?

My idea with this community was to help people find journals written in a foreign language. (This can include English!) Here's the plan. If you want to make a new friend or two or more, please post an 'add me' post. The form is below. Hopefully someone out there is looking to read journals that are written in your language. My original thought was that someone who is, for example, learning Spanish, might enjoy reading a livejournal that is written in Spanish. But it can also include people who are fluent in any particular language who would want to be able to read in their native language.

The Community Tags List!

Few rules:
-Post using one of the two forms below. One form is a sort of 'advertisement' for your journal. The other is for those looking for foreign language journals.
-Be nice!
-No drama, please. Let's all be friends!

Please post the form in English. If you would also like to post under the English the form in your own language, that would be nice!

Use this form if you are 'advertising' your foreign language journal

LJ Name:
Anything else?

Use this form if you are looking for a foreign language journal

LJ Name:
I'm looking for an LJ in the _________ language.
Anything else?

Please let the moderator devoosha know if she should add a language to the interests! She put in as many as she could think of!