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Jul. 5th, 2010 @ 12:45 pm Looking for a French journal
LJ Name: nagasasu 
Age: 18
Interests: Anime/manga (list of active fandoms here), urban fantasy and fantasy novels, dance, clarinet and bass clarinet, fanfiction and original fiction, video games (FF, Namco's Tales, FE, etc.), Studio Ghibli, crew/rowing, Vienna Teng, Younha, Joe Hisaishi
I'm looking for an LJ in the French language.
Anything else?  English is my native language, and I took four years of French in high school.  I got a 2 on the AP Test, so I'm probably intermediate in my French?  I'm hoping that reading a journal will help me keep up with my French.  It'd also be nice if the blogger didn't mind me trying to reply in French and correcting my mistakes and having me ask the occasional question.
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